Wednesday, July 30, 2008


durianrider blog..all systems go!

gday gang, this is a place i will update my events and adventures.

this morning a fellow traveller told me politician tony blair was in our village and hik'n a trail we regularly run i grabbed my camera, bike and a durian and set off to make some policital youtube vid with featuring tony and durian..

i was look'n for a dude in a suit with other suit crew around him..but when 4 dudes walked past me and one looked like tony, i hesitated in approaching them, cos i thought 'nah, these dudes are wearing running shorts with backpacks and hats on backwards..just some fellow trail users..'

but later i talked to security at the parks was indeed tony and crew..i learned a lesson..'THOSE THAT HESITATE, MISS DA BREAK!'

so what magic in our life do we miss cos we arent sure of ourselves and avoid speak'n up?....the universe taught me another powerful lesson this morn..and im all ears..

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