Sunday, August 31, 2008


yesterdays marathon = todays lessons.

yep i ended up rocking into adelaide 24 hours before the start of the 2008 adelaide marathon. it was a shock from the last 3 months of tropical heat and humidity to be greeted with nice cold rain and!

anyways, i lasted only about 27km at 4;30 pace and my right hip abductor shouted "we can limp to the finish line or you can stop right now and remain injury free"

my average heart rate was only 161. i was just cruz'n. expecting to unload at the 30km mark and go for gold. but the only thing i was unloading was the lack of training i thought i could get away with.

durianrider talked the talk, but couldnt walk the walk! lol!

i gotta learn to take my own advice sometimes..and my advice to myself regarding marathon running is 'more miles in training, means more smiles in racing..

this year ive done a 16km road run that was up and down a mountain. and the longest run i did on flat tarmac was 10km. 10 days before yesterday..

other than plain lack of training, i had everything organised. i felt carbed to go the distance, hydrated, warm enough, got there on time, mentally focused and amped up, correct fitting shoes and socks, shorts and singlet and running cap. every detail down to my heart rate monitor belt feeling perfect...but none of it could make up for the fact that my cycling legs had not been provided with sufficient road running impact to be able to handle the pace i desired to run at..

so at least i got 27km of solid running in my legs yesterday. even if i had to walk up to this keyboard with my tail between my legs..

thanks for all the support you crew provided. i will be back to have another sub 3 hr marathon crack.._________________

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


2 questions i get asked often..

any quesiton, any time. always! cos thats what im on the planet for, to help people help themselves with healthful practices that help the animals and the planet too...

first quesiton i get asked a lot 'what certification do you have harley?'.

certification? yeah, im certified by mother nature. and i give myself the certification of self love and self approval. cos thats all that matters in the end. me trying to get pieces of paper to prove my worth to people that 'respect paper more than results'..well, thats not my style.

my creditials are the results i get for myself and others. i know this is the optimum way. do we seek credentials from a dolphin before we try and emulate its swimming and sonar abilities?

do we seek credentials from a blue jay for its singing ability? i dont seek credentials from anyone. credentials mean NOTHING to me. RESULTS MEAN!

next i fulfilled 'wasting' my days via cycling, birdwatching, talking to members in my direct community face to face or online, racing, sleeping, resting, fruit foraging etc?

no this doesnt fullfill me...cos IM ALREADY FULLFILLED! being fullfilled is same as being happy. ITS JUST A CHOICE AND ONLY EXPERIENCED IN THE PRESENT i choose to be happy, be fullfilled, be grateful and that AUTOMATICALLY CHANGES MY FOCUS TO THINGS THAT BRING MORE HAPPIENESS, FULLFILLMENT ETC..

but hey, we only know till we DO IT. we cant 'try' cos try is a lie! lol! we DO IT or we DONT. one or the other. pick one and go with it!

the simple life is the best. if loads of money brought happieness and fullfillment then via do millionares rock stars kill emselves or do coke daily? EXACTLY! more money equals more problems..just like more stuff we own is really more stuff that owns us in the end..'poor 'people dont need more money, they need more quality food and water and simple shelters. they need us fat cats and money grubbers to share our profits with industry that creates simplicity in the world. 'poor' organic fruit farmers in rural towns are ignorant to the abundance they have in their life already. they pick up newspapers and see an advert for a fancy house, car and high maintenance wife or hubby whom loves beer n beef. ..

life is about what we do, not what we have. its the moments we create via daily magic which we treasure for the rest of our lives that count.

i used to be motivated by what society THOUGHT of me. now im motivated by what society NEEDS of me. society needs me to be happy, athletic, raw vegan, positive and vital. so thats my job..I WORK!

the day i have a day off, is the day i check off the planet.

so go get em champ!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


95% raw or 100%?

what does our body want? 100% commitment or 80%

if you went on a date with someone and they said ''im only into 80 or 95% commitment. 100% is just too extreme for me..'' what would you think of this person?

when we give our body the best, our body thinks higher of us and rewards us in ways that only those whom live by natures laws get to experience..

we are what we eat.
and what we are, determines whom we meet.
you wanna meet a hamburger or someone that is nice and sweet?
or someone fake, sold out, thrashed, dehydrated and made of wheat?
perhaps someone that is juicy, real, raw and liv'n a passionate beat?

tis that simple.

tonight i got 3rd in an A grade criterium bike race.
last night i ran 5.8km in 23:19 on a dirt cross country track with hills.
last sunday i placed 2nd in an A grade road race.
ive been eating watermelon as my staple. supplemented with pears, navel oranges and tomatoes and tender greens.

i feel electric. this morning i woke up at 3am just PUMPED! so i wrote poetry till i fell back asleep. cos i needed to save that pumped feeling for tonights race. i attacked and attacked and in the end there was only 3 of us. the last corner i backed it off. it was a case of who was prepared to take the corner the fastest to win the forte is racing with fitness instead of racing with risk.

there is the state club championship on sunday. its got some hills in it. im gonna show these boys how to climb hills! lol!

its great training here cos these guys are motivated. i talk some shit to them before the race and my 'go vegan' organicathlete outfit surely gets em pissed each time they see me attack up the road. its a bonus im getting podium places but really im just here to hurt like a bastard. i go into every race without restraint or hesitation. im not sure if its the raw plant food or the effect i get from eating low fat, but i just want to hurt more on the bike and when im running thesedays.

in penang, we did hills everyday. up and down. up and down. im glad i did em, cos now its mostly flat, ive got the ability to recover from 4 weeks of steep and long hills. i know when i get back to adelaide, im gonna have to seek out steeper hills somehow, cos penang was just so over the brought me up new levels physically and emotionally.
ive learnt, when we express our high standards to the universe, we will be provided with some tests to see if we are commited. i was in penang. riding this super steep climb. but before i got there i was shooting my mouth off and saying 'no paved road is too steep for me to have to walk! NEVER!' then half way up the hill i thought, 'have i met my match? and its time to turn around or start walking?' and then my true self answered, 'you aint met your match, you just been provided with a temptation that you can overcome via being non judgemental with the pain and just accepting it as part of your athletic destiny...'
all this deep thought whilst my heart rate was sky high, whilst the jungle screamed as loud as my legs and lungs. whilst people stopped walking down to watch me pedal up.
then 2 weeks later i got challenged on another hill. i didnt know how long it was. it just kept going. i chunked it down and we rode to the top. there was a chinese veg grower on top. a lady wearing a tshirt that said 'made from milk.'. we dropped the bombs and the old gran gave us the thumbs up.
when we resist the powers of temptation, we just transmutate those powers into our life purspose...


Friday, August 08, 2008


back down under...

my first time in darwin. arrived 5am and unpacked my bike and cycled into town to find 'greenies' organic shop for a fresh local organic fruit feed..i slept for a few hours on a bench outside the shop. when it opened i grabbed my first local cert organic northern territory melon. it was choice..sweet and juicy to start my aclimitisation back to australia. i find it vital when arriving any new place to 'bioregionalise' to the area via eating the freshest and most local organic fruits..

i left darrick in penang. we had our last durian meal for 2008 together and it was time for us both to hit the road and start the next adventure. man, them penang durian feasts on the mountain tops of the oldest durian orchards in the world..with the hospitality from 'mr jean'..days i will always cherish. good friends sharing good food in the goodness of mother nature and contributing to fellow durian lovers by sharing the gospel of peak health and vitality..

i entered a running race the evening i arrived here. just busted out a 6km on the beach in 23:54. i was happy with that, cos it was so sandy! i placed about 7th. and the dudes i was talking to after didnt believe ive only ran 165km this! they thought i was full o shit...

ive got a bike race on sunday. its the local club champs. im gonna rip some legs apart and show em what raw veganism is about.

im powered on local organic fruits. in australia, im militant about organic. cos in the cities, its easy to get. no excuses. EVERYTIME WE SPEND OUR DOLLARS, ITS A VOTE FOR WHAT WE BELIEVE IN!

sitting outside the organic shop and eating another melon yesterday arvo, i heard a dog yelping. the chick near me said to the man walking the dog 'oi ya fuck'n cruel bastard!' and her bloke stood up and pretended to give a fcuk about animal welfare...whilst thinking what sauce he would have on his steak that!

anyways, i piped up straight away with 'are you a vegan?'. angry lady replied with 'no!, why you ask?'

me: cos you sound like you really care for animals. you talk like a vegan..

lady:i dont like seeing animals get hurt...thats all.

me: so your a vegan then?


me: dude, chill, why you freak'n? im just asking how you can pay a butcher to murder a lamb, but if a person on the street pulls the leash too hard, that you swear at him. but to other animal torture crew, you give em money and praise. im confused. please explain.

lady:im out of here! your extreme. and are you that fruitarian that rides his bike around the world. are you a fruitarian? are you? ive heard about you!

me: no, im a raw vegan. i still eat more than fruit. so how did you know i was in town?

lady walking off in a huff with beefy bloke: it doesnt matter.

me between bites of melon: have a good one champ!

i love conversations like this. you know you hit em straight to the heart. you got em disturbed and questioning their integrity. questioning their beliefs vs what they are doing in real cant pay for therapy like gotta go out onto the street and talk to REAL PEOPLE in REAL LIFE SITUATIONS!

the more ruthless i get with speaking the truth as i see it to absolute strangers, the more amazing crew i meet. im getting insane synchronicitys..just another sign we are living our purpose..

they say the quality of our life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty we can handle..
what does this mean? it means walking up to a stranger with some info you know will help. like the dude i met on a bike path yesterday. he had acne. i said your acne is largely caused by drinking milk. stop the dairy and youll get clear skin. he said 'thanks'. i know he will remember it forever. who stops you on a bike path and says you shouldnt suck cows tittys?

so yeah, face the uncertainty and expect massive growth in all areas of your life. some crew can even go on holiday without making hotel bookings before hand. what happend to meeting people on the plane and going with the flow of uncertainty? CERTAIN that whatever happens will be a lesson provided by god to make us stronger in our fight to protect the planet...

only when we step out of our comfort zone, can we look back and see that we werent that comfortable after all!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

yesterday i was at the river swimming. i saw a family with obese parents and obese child. he was under 10. i said to parents in a friendly way 'wow! he is the fattest kid ive ever seen in malaysia! lol!'

i cut thru the hype and went straight for the heart. when someone has so much fat covering their body, so much gotta do whatever it takes to get the message accross.
i highlighted the situation.i gave em the solution.i do this everyday. we gotta help people raise their standards by showing them how high ours are. show em what is possible. help em help themselves.

we live in a society that turns the tv on everynight.
to 'see' whats wrong, to see whats right.
i say 'smash your tv, and BE whats right and share your might!'
lets blow that apathy and ignorance outta sight.
if you got heart, you'll knuckle up for the fight..
cos its never wrong to do whats right..
raise your standards and help shine the light
cos society is blind and in the darkness of night
we gotta burn like the sun,and shine so bright
cut that cooked string and fly free like a kite..

Saturday, August 02, 2008


raw is as hard as we make it..

take for instance this painting my brother did. complex and full of effort.

being raw takes effort initally. you gotta learn the strokes, where to get your paint from, how to clean your brushes etc..but eventually like expression via art, it becomes second nature. we live for it. and it lives for us..

Friday, August 01, 2008


another day, to show em the raw vegan way..

i aint liv'n if i aint contributing to the planet!... we meet crew on the street during our 'raw beat' and share with them info that will positively change their lives if they choose to TAKE ACTION. lawyers, junkees, pro athletes, models, mothers, children..nobody escapes! lol!

we stormed a mcdonanlds yesterday here in malaysia. parked out bicycles out front and got peoples attention. we shouted the resturant down inside. yelling 'mcondalds is cancer, bad for health, eat durian! eat rambutan!'. we got positive response cos we said it in a positive you win more people over when you say something with a smile and!

before we did macca's we had riden a lap of the island. we like to train on the steepest roads around. so steep you can hear your bike weep.. and we do em once a week at least, to keep the lymph pumped and fitness developing..we rode roads that road bikes arent meant too, but when the thighs are burn'n, we are getting higher learn'n..

we swam in rainforrest streams, got plenty of sunbeams and that night had durian inspired dreams..

today i set a personal best up the local mountain trail. last week i did it in 1:16. today i was more prepared and had more purpose. 57:37 was my time. im not sure if its the raw vegan diet or the enthusiasm it gives me...but i went into everday incline and log jump without hesistation or restraint..i reached the summit and stopped the watch. shouted out to the world my life purpose... its powerful when we share our direction and goals on mountain tops, cos when human and mountain meet, the things that follow are sure to be sweet..

i took it easy on the way down. a butterfly acting as my 'coach'. it landed on the trail in front of me. i stopped on a dime. and sat down. the butterfly telling me that 'extreme exertion must be followed by extreme recovery..' so i sat and shared the trail magic with my butterfly friend. i hoped it would be around long enough to taste the nectar from the mango flowers that are starting to bloom..i wondered if this butterfly had a relative that pollenated the durian flowers that produced last nights durian dinner that provided me with the carbs to set a personal best, up the mountain this morning..the carbs that fuel EVERY cell in my body..

the butterfly flew off. i meditated for a few minutes on the morning sunlight that was starting to weave its way thru the primary rainforrest canopy. yep, i was alive. present. and living my purpose.

thanks coach.

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