Monday, July 20, 2009


someone stole my bamboo baby..

recently i was in georgetown penang and ducked into a shop and left my calfee bamboo road bike outside and came back out and it was gone! :(

so if anyone sees a calfee bamboo with green chris king headset, hubs and 10spd dura ace... :)

i feel everything in life happens for an empowering meaning. for me losing my bike was a lesson in detachment. i felt anger for a moment and realised that im better off transmutating that emotion into some more positive. so i just stopped being angry and started talking calmly with people that might have seen anything.

not having insurance i focused on how much money i had lost. but then i shifted my focus to how much people have given me in my life. i simply shifted by focus and started feeling grateful when only moments ago i was furious and outraged.

it was a lesson in life that what we focus on determines how we feel...
so if we dont like how we feel, we must simply shift our focus. it doesnt mean we never feel negative emotions but rather we choose not to dwell on them and get stuck in a rut. lets let them serve their purpose as a reminder our focus has shifted in a direction that we dont really want to be going..

now im riding a beat up xc bike that doesnt really fit me, but im having fun cos i refuse to let lack of material things prevent me from the joy of movement.

this lesson has taught me that as a cyclist,happieness is not what bike you ride, but rather happieness is just an emotion we choose to feel in the moment. cos the moment is all we have.. :)

keep on roll'n, regardless of what lessons come your way. :)

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