Monday, October 25, 2010


What about Mercola & the snake oil crew?

I get many emails requesting my opinions about Dr Mercola’s dietary advice so its time I wrote a blog about it.

Im sure Jo Mercola is a nice guy and obviously has a passion for sales & marketing and thats fine but the numerous people Ive heard back from when they follow these quack, low carb, high fat diets has inspired me to speak up so others can learn before they get suckered in by the enticing ‘buy 2 GET ONE FREE!’ speel.

Mercola advises people against eating a fruit salad but advises people follow ‘metabolic typing’ and eat fried chicken livers for breakfast and ‘depending your metabolic typing, use pig fat or coconut oil…’

The dude is a snake oil salesman with a capital S.

Mercola recently put up an informercial in the ‘Huffington post’ talking about the dangers of eating fruit ‘cos its got fructose mate!’. The question I ask is how come they can never do a study on human fruit eaters vs using studies done on rats using GMO HFCS? That would be worth noting.

Mercola tried to ‘debunk’ the china study. For those that don’t know what the China Study is, its just the most comprehensives nutritional study ever its no big deal.. It was put together by Dr Campbell and has over 700 studies corroborating its findings. Mercola said its not ‘accurate’. Number of studies Dr Campbell has published?: Over 350. Number of studies Mercola has published?: ZERO.

Mercola even sells ‘restravol’ on his website. He does ‘you the favour’ of extracting the ‘harmful sugars’ from the grapes and then providing you with the ‘left over antioxidants’… Hang on Mercola? Arent you just selling suckers the left overs from the wine industry?

One look at his site (the huffington post article had about 5 links in his article) and you have a whole plethora of ‘industrial waste products’ pedalled as ‘superfoods’ and ‘latest breakthrough’ in ‘advanced nutrition’.

So, what is an industrial waste product? Well its something a company has left over and needs to be dumped. Whey, grape seeds/skins, fish oil etc..these are all left overs from food industry and big profits are to be made on gullible customers that buy into the hype the snakeoil crew spout during their informercials on late night tv, magazines, MLM flyers etc.

Also how come these ‘guru’s’ all have pictures of fruits and vegetables on their sites/books etc to promote a healthy image but then go on to sell BS and say ‘don’t eat too much fruit now…fruit is bad!’ I say ‘yeah, bad for business!’

Heck, just advise your customer base follows a low carb diet and in a few days their glycogen stores will be so low that they will be even more naive and malleable and help you make even more profit margins from selling BS to peeps that cant tell fact from fiction.

Here are some other observations Ive made recently..

Has anyone ever wondered why the sudden emergence of ‘longevity strategists’ are always around 25 -35?

Has anyone ever wondered why all the low carb diet guru’s use the same photo shopped photo from 2 decades ago and or they NEVER have any real cardio fitness? (oh thats right, ‘cardio is bad for you!’)

Has anyone ever wondered why despite all the miracles their low carb diet books promise, that the authors themselves don’t have much more fitness and health than the average SAD eater?

Has anyone ever wondered why the nations today that eat the least animal products and eat the most fruits/whole grains have better health and fitness than western crew that have more money than sense and buy into the carb phobia crapola?

So bottom line, question what is encouraged and by doing that, it will help you build up more ‘critical thinking muscle’ so you can decipher thru the confusion and marketing delusion. Sure there are lots of sincere people out there just trying to make a buck, but the majority of them are sincerely wrong. By keeping your glycogen, hydration and sleep levels stocked everyday, this will help you stay on track when others get trapped in the mud pit of the ‘sales pitch’

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