Sunday, August 03, 2008

yesterday i was at the river swimming. i saw a family with obese parents and obese child. he was under 10. i said to parents in a friendly way 'wow! he is the fattest kid ive ever seen in malaysia! lol!'

i cut thru the hype and went straight for the heart. when someone has so much fat covering their body, so much gotta do whatever it takes to get the message accross.
i highlighted the situation.i gave em the solution.i do this everyday. we gotta help people raise their standards by showing them how high ours are. show em what is possible. help em help themselves.

we live in a society that turns the tv on everynight.
to 'see' whats wrong, to see whats right.
i say 'smash your tv, and BE whats right and share your might!'
lets blow that apathy and ignorance outta sight.
if you got heart, you'll knuckle up for the fight..
cos its never wrong to do whats right..
raise your standards and help shine the light
cos society is blind and in the darkness of night
we gotta burn like the sun,and shine so bright
cut that cooked string and fly free like a kite..

Wow. That took some guts.
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