Friday, August 01, 2008


another day, to show em the raw vegan way..

i aint liv'n if i aint contributing to the planet!... we meet crew on the street during our 'raw beat' and share with them info that will positively change their lives if they choose to TAKE ACTION. lawyers, junkees, pro athletes, models, mothers, children..nobody escapes! lol!

we stormed a mcdonanlds yesterday here in malaysia. parked out bicycles out front and got peoples attention. we shouted the resturant down inside. yelling 'mcondalds is cancer, bad for health, eat durian! eat rambutan!'. we got positive response cos we said it in a positive you win more people over when you say something with a smile and!

before we did macca's we had riden a lap of the island. we like to train on the steepest roads around. so steep you can hear your bike weep.. and we do em once a week at least, to keep the lymph pumped and fitness developing..we rode roads that road bikes arent meant too, but when the thighs are burn'n, we are getting higher learn'n..

we swam in rainforrest streams, got plenty of sunbeams and that night had durian inspired dreams..

today i set a personal best up the local mountain trail. last week i did it in 1:16. today i was more prepared and had more purpose. 57:37 was my time. im not sure if its the raw vegan diet or the enthusiasm it gives me...but i went into everday incline and log jump without hesistation or restraint..i reached the summit and stopped the watch. shouted out to the world my life purpose... its powerful when we share our direction and goals on mountain tops, cos when human and mountain meet, the things that follow are sure to be sweet..

i took it easy on the way down. a butterfly acting as my 'coach'. it landed on the trail in front of me. i stopped on a dime. and sat down. the butterfly telling me that 'extreme exertion must be followed by extreme recovery..' so i sat and shared the trail magic with my butterfly friend. i hoped it would be around long enough to taste the nectar from the mango flowers that are starting to bloom..i wondered if this butterfly had a relative that pollenated the durian flowers that produced last nights durian dinner that provided me with the carbs to set a personal best, up the mountain this morning..the carbs that fuel EVERY cell in my body..

the butterfly flew off. i meditated for a few minutes on the morning sunlight that was starting to weave its way thru the primary rainforrest canopy. yep, i was alive. present. and living my purpose.

thanks coach.

butterfly on the trail? what a lame excuse to sit your lazy ass down.
That is funny :) I grew up there... I'd have paid money to see you all doing that.
Wow, gorgeous post. I like your writing.
hahaha Harley, i love the bit about you and the girl.

I adored the fact she knew who you were!

keep on spreading the message and doing the good work, and hopefully someday i will meet you in Oz!
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