Friday, August 08, 2008


back down under...

my first time in darwin. arrived 5am and unpacked my bike and cycled into town to find 'greenies' organic shop for a fresh local organic fruit feed..i slept for a few hours on a bench outside the shop. when it opened i grabbed my first local cert organic northern territory melon. it was choice..sweet and juicy to start my aclimitisation back to australia. i find it vital when arriving any new place to 'bioregionalise' to the area via eating the freshest and most local organic fruits..

i left darrick in penang. we had our last durian meal for 2008 together and it was time for us both to hit the road and start the next adventure. man, them penang durian feasts on the mountain tops of the oldest durian orchards in the world..with the hospitality from 'mr jean'..days i will always cherish. good friends sharing good food in the goodness of mother nature and contributing to fellow durian lovers by sharing the gospel of peak health and vitality..

i entered a running race the evening i arrived here. just busted out a 6km on the beach in 23:54. i was happy with that, cos it was so sandy! i placed about 7th. and the dudes i was talking to after didnt believe ive only ran 165km this! they thought i was full o shit...

ive got a bike race on sunday. its the local club champs. im gonna rip some legs apart and show em what raw veganism is about.

im powered on local organic fruits. in australia, im militant about organic. cos in the cities, its easy to get. no excuses. EVERYTIME WE SPEND OUR DOLLARS, ITS A VOTE FOR WHAT WE BELIEVE IN!

sitting outside the organic shop and eating another melon yesterday arvo, i heard a dog yelping. the chick near me said to the man walking the dog 'oi ya fuck'n cruel bastard!' and her bloke stood up and pretended to give a fcuk about animal welfare...whilst thinking what sauce he would have on his steak that!

anyways, i piped up straight away with 'are you a vegan?'. angry lady replied with 'no!, why you ask?'

me: cos you sound like you really care for animals. you talk like a vegan..

lady:i dont like seeing animals get hurt...thats all.

me: so your a vegan then?


me: dude, chill, why you freak'n? im just asking how you can pay a butcher to murder a lamb, but if a person on the street pulls the leash too hard, that you swear at him. but to other animal torture crew, you give em money and praise. im confused. please explain.

lady:im out of here! your extreme. and are you that fruitarian that rides his bike around the world. are you a fruitarian? are you? ive heard about you!

me: no, im a raw vegan. i still eat more than fruit. so how did you know i was in town?

lady walking off in a huff with beefy bloke: it doesnt matter.

me between bites of melon: have a good one champ!

i love conversations like this. you know you hit em straight to the heart. you got em disturbed and questioning their integrity. questioning their beliefs vs what they are doing in real cant pay for therapy like gotta go out onto the street and talk to REAL PEOPLE in REAL LIFE SITUATIONS!

the more ruthless i get with speaking the truth as i see it to absolute strangers, the more amazing crew i meet. im getting insane synchronicitys..just another sign we are living our purpose..

they say the quality of our life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty we can handle..
what does this mean? it means walking up to a stranger with some info you know will help. like the dude i met on a bike path yesterday. he had acne. i said your acne is largely caused by drinking milk. stop the dairy and youll get clear skin. he said 'thanks'. i know he will remember it forever. who stops you on a bike path and says you shouldnt suck cows tittys?

so yeah, face the uncertainty and expect massive growth in all areas of your life. some crew can even go on holiday without making hotel bookings before hand. what happend to meeting people on the plane and going with the flow of uncertainty? CERTAIN that whatever happens will be a lesson provided by god to make us stronger in our fight to protect the planet...

only when we step out of our comfort zone, can we look back and see that we werent that comfortable after all!

Hey Harley,

So glad to see you've got a new place on the web. Love your writing and your videos on youtube. Greetings from Canada.
Do you believe acne in general is caused by milk/milkproducts, or was ti this person specifically who had bad tolerance to milk?
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Nice blog. I'm curious about how the bike race on Sunday will go.
well done.
Hi Harley..
Great to see you blogging.. love to follow your progress..

Know exactly how you feel with the animal abuse thing.. This morning I was in Woollies, and this woman offered me some bread with some kind of dairy cheese mucus to sample..

I said to her, no thanks, some poor cow has suffered to produce that dairy mucus..

She looked at me oddly and said "Cows produce milk naturally"

I said, so did your mother, but you are not still drinking her milk are you?

the reply: You drank milk from your mother didn't you?

me: yes, but I stopped when I was 2!

bewildered lady: ok sir, have a nice day.


Tonerose, milk products definitely are one of the major causes of acne in many people.. I wouldn't mind betting that everyone that has very bad acne is taking more than their fair share of dairy stuff.. But no doubt all cooked foods can help bring on the rash.. The skin is just an elimination organ, and the face often gets its fair share of elimination..

I love your posts Harley.

I find you very motivational and inspirational.

I wouldn't say what you do but I appreciate that you say it as it is. I admire that in others
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