Tuesday, August 26, 2008


2 questions i get asked often..

any quesiton, any time. always! cos thats what im on the planet for, to help people help themselves with healthful practices that help the animals and the planet too...

first quesiton i get asked a lot 'what certification do you have harley?'.

certification? yeah, im certified by mother nature. and i give myself the certification of self love and self approval. cos thats all that matters in the end. me trying to get pieces of paper to prove my worth to people that 'respect paper more than results'..well, thats not my style.

my creditials are the results i get for myself and others. i know this is the optimum way. do we seek credentials from a dolphin before we try and emulate its swimming and sonar abilities?

do we seek credentials from a blue jay for its singing ability? i dont seek credentials from anyone. credentials mean NOTHING to me. RESULTS MEAN EVERYTHING..lol!

next question..am i fulfilled 'wasting' my days via cycling, birdwatching, talking to members in my direct community face to face or online, racing, sleeping, resting, fruit foraging etc?

no this doesnt fullfill me...cos IM ALREADY FULLFILLED! being fullfilled is same as being happy. ITS JUST A CHOICE AND ONLY EXPERIENCED IN THE PRESENT MOMENT..so i choose to be happy, be fullfilled, be grateful and that AUTOMATICALLY CHANGES MY FOCUS TO THINGS THAT BRING MORE HAPPIENESS, FULLFILLMENT ETC..

but hey, we only know till we DO IT. we cant 'try' cos try is a lie! lol! we DO IT or we DONT. one or the other. pick one and go with it!

the simple life is the best. if loads of money brought happieness and fullfillment then via do millionares rock stars kill emselves or do coke daily? EXACTLY! more money equals more problems..just like more stuff we own is really more stuff that owns us in the end..'poor 'people dont need more money, they need more quality food and water and simple shelters. they need us fat cats and money grubbers to share our profits with industry that creates simplicity in the world. 'poor' organic fruit farmers in rural towns are ignorant to the abundance they have in their life already. they pick up newspapers and see an advert for a fancy house, car and high maintenance wife or hubby whom loves beer n beef. ..

life is about what we do, not what we have. its the moments we create via daily magic which we treasure for the rest of our lives that count.

i used to be motivated by what society THOUGHT of me. now im motivated by what society NEEDS of me. society needs me to be happy, athletic, raw vegan, positive and vital. so thats my job..I WORK EVERYDAY..lol!

the day i have a day off, is the day i check off the planet.

so go get em champ!

Amen :)

Very well said by the way.
Since i am eating only fruits my life became easier. I eat when i am hungry and as much as i like. Dont have to cook, or prepare or something. I used to eat lot of sprouts all day (and was afraid of fuits) but i had to spend an our every day to care about them, rinsing etc...
It is easier, however even i get some questions myself. It is so new in Hungary, that nobody have ever heard about this lifestyle, among my frinds, relatives.
I feel myself an ambassador in Hungary, just as you in Australia (and in the world).
I want to prove them wrong, and make them believe in this and themself.
keep it up!
Right on!!! It's great to hear another "human be-com-ing" voice my thoughts exactly! Eating raw vegan is THE only way to go! For about 1 year, I ate raw vegan (pretty much mono-diet) with a high concentration in fruits, green smoothies, and salads. Never before had I felt better, and my health and energy literally skyrocketed! Even my parents commented on my vitality and enhanced personality due to the change in diet.

Because of some peer pressure and to "fit in," I gave in to eating some cooked food (only in social settings) for the past couple months. I could literally feel the rejection of the food in my system, and as the result, I made the decision to "go raw" and get into amazing physical shape. Eating raw food is my favorite delicacy (especially some giant ripe mangoes!:) I'll be joining a gym to continue to increase my strength, tone, and definition in my body. I've already received a lot of criticism regarding my way of eating in regards to my new workout routine. That "you need lots of protein" myth is driving me crazy! :)

Anyways, I'm excited to see the transformation in my body, my health, and my outlook in life. We were created to eat the food God has given us in nature. Thanks for your inspiration and motivation! Keep sharing the truth!
Are you riding up to H&F week?
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Well said Harl!
Hi from North Washington!
H&F Week is about to kick off.
Life is abundant. :)
A lovely sentiment, I especially like this part, "i used to be motivated by what society THOUGHT of me. now im motivated by what society NEEDS of me. society needs me to be happy, athletic, raw vegan, positive and vital. so thats my job..I WORK EVERYDAY..lol!

the day i have a day off, is the day i check off the planet."

Now, get back to work! :)
<3 Alicia
Well said.. I see it like this, money is the currency of a world that doesn't truly exist, bound to the rules of a world that doesn't truly exist. Like a monopoly game, we're made to believe that's all there is, this monopoly game with its money, lil houses, streets and rules. At the start we take the plunge, then we start to notice how limited it seems, how depressed we're feeling and not knowing why. So the game tries to spin us around, give us ideas of happiness, buy a new house, bigger one. Buy this street, whatever. How do you buy that happiness? Back stab your fellow player to earn the currency of the world, which follows the rules of the world, that world being no more than a monopoly game.

Step outside the game and see what life really is, what existing really means, be free and enjoy it. Kudos Durian
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