Thursday, August 14, 2008


95% raw or 100%?

what does our body want? 100% commitment or 80%

if you went on a date with someone and they said ''im only into 80 or 95% commitment. 100% is just too extreme for me..'' what would you think of this person?

when we give our body the best, our body thinks higher of us and rewards us in ways that only those whom live by natures laws get to experience..

we are what we eat.
and what we are, determines whom we meet.
you wanna meet a hamburger or someone that is nice and sweet?
or someone fake, sold out, thrashed, dehydrated and made of wheat?
perhaps someone that is juicy, real, raw and liv'n a passionate beat?

tis that simple.

tonight i got 3rd in an A grade criterium bike race.
last night i ran 5.8km in 23:19 on a dirt cross country track with hills.
last sunday i placed 2nd in an A grade road race.
ive been eating watermelon as my staple. supplemented with pears, navel oranges and tomatoes and tender greens.

i feel electric. this morning i woke up at 3am just PUMPED! so i wrote poetry till i fell back asleep. cos i needed to save that pumped feeling for tonights race. i attacked and attacked and in the end there was only 3 of us. the last corner i backed it off. it was a case of who was prepared to take the corner the fastest to win the forte is racing with fitness instead of racing with risk.

there is the state club championship on sunday. its got some hills in it. im gonna show these boys how to climb hills! lol!

its great training here cos these guys are motivated. i talk some shit to them before the race and my 'go vegan' organicathlete outfit surely gets em pissed each time they see me attack up the road. its a bonus im getting podium places but really im just here to hurt like a bastard. i go into every race without restraint or hesitation. im not sure if its the raw plant food or the effect i get from eating low fat, but i just want to hurt more on the bike and when im running thesedays.

in penang, we did hills everyday. up and down. up and down. im glad i did em, cos now its mostly flat, ive got the ability to recover from 4 weeks of steep and long hills. i know when i get back to adelaide, im gonna have to seek out steeper hills somehow, cos penang was just so over the brought me up new levels physically and emotionally.
ive learnt, when we express our high standards to the universe, we will be provided with some tests to see if we are commited. i was in penang. riding this super steep climb. but before i got there i was shooting my mouth off and saying 'no paved road is too steep for me to have to walk! NEVER!' then half way up the hill i thought, 'have i met my match? and its time to turn around or start walking?' and then my true self answered, 'you aint met your match, you just been provided with a temptation that you can overcome via being non judgemental with the pain and just accepting it as part of your athletic destiny...'
all this deep thought whilst my heart rate was sky high, whilst the jungle screamed as loud as my legs and lungs. whilst people stopped walking down to watch me pedal up.
then 2 weeks later i got challenged on another hill. i didnt know how long it was. it just kept going. i chunked it down and we rode to the top. there was a chinese veg grower on top. a lady wearing a tshirt that said 'made from milk.'. we dropped the bombs and the old gran gave us the thumbs up.
when we resist the powers of temptation, we just transmutate those powers into our life purspose...



Life is what we make of it. Our reality is EXACTLY what we make of it. Have been coming aware of that especially since going to Perth last weekend. I am loving life more and just realising how we shape our own destiny.

Sending positive vibes and look forward to seeing you again!

express yourself!!! love it

btw raw eagle is now entered in a 24 hour cycle challene raising money for poverty! be speaking 2 u about this for sure

29th august 100km oxfam trailwalker run racing with a previous top ten team will be rawsome

Hope to see you soon

What you are doing is great so keep it up.
I have read some of your comments on veganbodybuilding also and i liked them, actually you motivated me greatly. I had been raw for some weeks when i read your comments but i ate lot of nuts and oily stuff and much less fruit, but it is changed, i stopped eating those things and concentrated on fruits and i feel better and my skin is much better and i full with energy, i train twice a day if i can. so thank you :)
(i love grapes, i just finished a big bowl, i am full :))

I can hardly wait your next post!

Balazs, from Hungary
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