Saturday, October 11, 2008


do i ever feel negative emotions?

and just to show you that durianrider walks his talk in times of adversity...

my grandpa died from fatal heart attack last friday.
my mother has heart disease and finds it hard to walk more than a few metres of a time now.
my father got diagnosed with prostrate cancer last week.
and i got told a few days ago that my oldest brother got diagnosed with emphysema.

so how do i choose to feel? angry at the food corporations that sell poison? frustrated at my familys inaction to take control of their health. depressed that my grandpa hated his life so much that he did nothing to change his diet that he knew was killing him? depressed at the fact i know my dad would rather die from cancer than change his diet?

no, im not gonna even entertain these emotions for longer than 10 seconds.. rather, im choosing to keep powering away and CONTROLLING what i can control. not focusing on what i cant control. im gonna use this adversity to move me forward and become an even better role model for health.and at the end of the day i still love and accept my family, its just that im not gonna let their negative habits affect me in a negative way. cos i know if i did, and my grandpa were alive, he would slap me in the face and say 'what you moping about boy!?, get out there and live!'

hey Harley, when all and everything seems falling apart people like you know that the safest road to ride is within.

wishing you the best from the Heart, within you...

Ivan *No-Frontiers*
Hi H,
your posts are catching up on them..miss hangin with your positive attitude...PMAR!!!
YOUTUBE is soo fun to watch too.
I like your grandfather's kind of grandfather talk!!! Sorry for your are on the right road though as you well know and so does he!!
Bon courage
Great discipline.
I share your feelings.
I face day after day that my relatives rather buy pills than listen to me, or at least try it for a while. For me it is not so easy not to get angry even when I know it wont help. I live with my father and he has some new drugs subscribed by the doctor and I simply cant see that he really uses them. It is bad because it makes me angry even that I know it should not. I know that if I argue with people it is always better with a smile on my face rather than in anger. If it were not my relatives it would not be so hard.

your shining example motivates us all, all over the world
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