Thursday, October 09, 2008


do i ever get pissed off?

do i ever get pissed off? sure! im not on a positive mental cloud 9 ALL the time, for a few seconds throughout the day i get feelings of anger or pissed. but i dont dwell on it or let it influence my day.

negative thoughts are like weeds in your garden. you dont want to totally get rid of them because that would be unatural, but rather you want to turn those weeds(negative thoughts) into mulch for your garden of abundance!

so when a negative thought comes up,my true self says 'what is a better way to see this? a way that will empower you, the animals and the planet?!!' and with that sort of self languaging that i LIVE BY you can see that im not a lucky guy with my lifestyle, but rather ive earned it via daily disciplines that head me in the right direction.

what we think about comes about, wether we want it or not..

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