Friday, October 03, 2008


time goes fast when your having sun!

freelea and i is training like animals. i raced 3 times last week. got 3rd in a road race behind the northern territory time trial champion chris loynes and under 23 australian time trial champion matt king.

these guys ride hard and its good conditioning. im sure my vo2max is over 80 now! lol!. im gonna have to find a uni that needs a vo2max lab rat for the day!

im breaking parts on my bike and my new bamboo frame is being sent over finally. im looking forward to representing with not only the lycra, but the team bike too.

im still coming to terms with being back in australia. i had such an awakening this trip with my mate darrick. we contributed to strangers almost a hourly, by sharing the simple message of health. now im in australia, ive upped the intensity even more thanks to darrick holding me to a higher integrity.

im reaching more people and realising that when we stand up and commit, nothing can stand in our way!

and that sitting down and being quiet when you can help someone is not the loving thing to do!

when i see crew that are gonna hit brick walls, i speak up. i gives me such a sense of contribution. im living my purpose of showing the world that raw plant food is all we need to succeed and i do this via massive feats of endurance on my bicycle with health, positivity and vibrance.

tonight i rode to market and filled the bike trailer with mangoes and bananas. i stayed at the market to answer questions. the locals are starting to get to know me now, they see me riding all over the place. now they personally have references to what a raw vegan looks like, eats and performs.

remember, only when we are honest with ourselves can we build the intensity needed for positive change!

hey, found your blog on goneraw--totally inspring! keep it up!
Hello Harley!
I think it'd be inspiring for you to put together a photo album of all the different fruits and veggies you're eating to add to the inspiration. When people see the loads and loads of mangos and rambutan and whatever they'll start to get out of their tv dinners and colonize australia
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