Sunday, October 19, 2008

what do i do?

firstly i make sure im hydrated, carbed up and well rested.

i ensure hydration by ensuring when i urinate at least 8 -12 times a day that it APPEARS CLEAR.

i ensure being carbed by eating 10g of carb per kg of bodyweight. for me thats 10 x63kg = 630g of carbs per day. thats around 31 bananas or equivalent.

i ensure im getting at least 10-12 hours a day rest/sleep.

i ensure daily activity. might just be jogging for 5mins, a walk with grandma or a 24hour solo mountain bike state championships. i MOVE EVERYDAY! and it keeps the lymph from getting sludgy and when lymph gets sludgy, we feel sludgy and have feelings of apathy etc.

by taking care of these 4 MAJOR points, i find it super easy to see life light and breezy! cos ive got enough sugar to my brain(people with depression always have blood sugar issues) i have enough hydration and i have enough rest to build up reserves of MENTAL ENERGY, and ive done enough exercise which forces deep breathing to keep me balanced.

society is all about starving yourself on fruits and veg and then going binging on something sweet and salty. we under eat fruit and then go binge on potato chips (sweet and salty) etc.and then we beat ourselves up about it! and say 'your weak! your pathetic! this world sucks! i hate my life!' lol! all because we just neglected on fruits, water, exercise and sleep/rest.

but lets say ive taken care of the above 4 points. lets say ive had enough carbs, water, rest, exercise and i just cant shake the blues? what do i say to myself??i say 'wow harley, youve been a champion and taken care of your 4 basic needs, yet you still feel emotions of overwhelm, depression, anger etc. why is this? why are you choosing to feel this way? why are you focusing on problems instead of solutions? why are you choosing frustration instead of fascination? why are you choosing irritation instead of inspiration? etc etc. and ALWAYS i can come up with an empowering answer. often its just cos im taking things personally, making things in my head bigger than they really are! ie im MAJORING IN MINOR THINGS!just like i could become a stamp collector or focus on making the perfect lamp shade! who cares! lets focus on stuff that really contributes to making this world a better place for us, the animals and the planet. by living our purpose like this, we get a massive sense of contribution, significance, love, growth, certainty and variety! which according to a lot of crew are the 6 human needs.

SO TO FEEL DEPRESSED IS AWSOME! as it shows us we are not meeting our 4 physical needs or that we are focusing on things we cant control instead of focusing on things WE CAN CONTROL.. it shows us we are using negative self languaging, it shows us that we are holding our posture bad. so instead of slouching put your shoulders back and chest out and smile, instead of focusing on how you feel bad, focus on how you could contribute to the planet, instead of having negative self languaging, have positive languing! ie:are you? 'not bad' or you could say 'fcuken amazing mate!'

people whom say that dont get feelings of depression are either lying or they are boring! lets just not dwell on it and let it grow bigger than it needs to. lets act quickly on meeting our 4 physical needs (carbs, water, sleep, exercise) and then go from there! cos 99% of the time if we neglect those 4 physical needs we will be biased towards negative thinking. see those 4 needs like legs of a table. if one is shorter than the other, the table will be unbalanced! so before you start popping pills or drugs or medicating yourselves with cooked foods, animal products etc MAKE SURE YOUR TALBE LEGS ARE EVEN AND LONG ENOUGH!

Harley, thanks for the insight. Not feeling so great about my life right now but am not able to control what has happened. Feeling pretty miserable but liked what you had to say. Sorry to hear about your family there are a lot of people not willing to understand what fresh fruit can do for them. Thanks again for the info.
Do you have a good source to figure out the carb totals for what you eat? Also, any fruits that have really high card counts? Maybe your theory accounts for why carrot juice has been used traditionally by raw foodists to keep their energy up.
carrot juice? lol! for calories? man, ive had like a glass of that stuff this year and ive cycled over 18000km.

811 by dr douglas graham is the book for crew wanting to thrive as a human!
Hey, you've got a blog - just saw you mention it on gi2mraw. Hooray!
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