Wednesday, October 08, 2008

why is raw so hard at the start???

well i felt the same at the start.a few reasons why..1. most of us dont enough fruit carbs in one sitting. we eat like mouses and expect to charge like doesnt work that way. its like putting fuel in a car. we gotta put away enough fruit to go the distance. as im sitting here, im not truly hungry. but im gonna eat a 7lb orange meal anyway. why? cos i gotta bike race tommorrow and need to keep the carb tank topped up. cos WHAT WE EAT TODAY, POWERS US TOMMORROW. i could wait till i was hungry later on, but then im leaving it too late to get enough carbs to win tommorrow club championships! lol!

2. for some, they dont know how to transmutate the SUPER ENERGY one gets on 811. its just insane the amount of life force you get. and cos your eating enough, you can smash out mega miles once your fit enough. deep down im a couch potato. but 811 has saturated my core and FORCES me onto my bike to share the! to win races and run marathons. otherwise id be going back to rancid nuts or cooked food to transmutate the kundalini, energy, dharma or whatever we like to call it. so key point TRANSMUTATE THE 811 GLOW INTO YOUR LIFE PURPOSE FLOW!

3. we are so used to numbing our stomachs with heavy foods like animal products, nuts, seeds, combo abombo's, cooked food etc. once our stomach flatens and empties we mistake this for hunger..but TRUE HUNGER IS ONLY FELT IN THE MOUTH AND THROAT, NEVER THE STOMACH..thats just the stomach emptying its contents. and often we get that feeling the next day, cos people are just putting breakfast on top of lunch on top of dinner, day after day, week after when we stop that crazy stuff, the stomach will take a while to adjust..we just gotta stay true to our integrity as the body realigns itself.

4. your not getting enough calories. sure we can eat a large fruit meal one day. but we gotta back it up. i can fit the volume now. but i still gotta be aware of how much fuel im getting vs expending. being so busy its easy to forget to eat and go on adrenal. but this aint sustainable. so we gotta tap into finding the fruit hookups. learning how long it takes to ripen, learning how it should taste and learning what amount will hold us and for how long..

bottom line isif you crave nuts or avocadoes. ie more than a slice or a handful.YOU HAVENT EATEN ENOUGH FRESH SWEET FRUIT.

if you crave cooked food or animal products (concentrated calories)YOU HAVENT EATEN ENOUGH FRESH SWEET FRUIT.

when i was transitioning between cooked and raw, id always go back for cooked vegan food. and it was ALWAYS A CARB BASED MEAL, ie rice, tofu burgers, pasta, vegan pizza, vegan cakes and cookies and donuts, vegan chocolates etc. cos if we dont supply the body with enough simple sugars from fruit, its gonna demand what i was used to living on before..and that is refined sugars like honey, agave, maple or cane sugar. and its gonna crave extra caloric density from cooked starches like yam, rice, pasta, corn chips etc.

craving food that requires heating?
then eat more fruit and give those cravings a solid 811 beating!

Hey Durianrider,
your quote ''WHAT WE EAT TODAY, POWERS US TOMMORROW'' me this true? If so, that explains a whole lot of things to me for sure......
of course its true! how long you reckon it takes for the body to digest, assimilate and then absorb the food to create glycogen?

we are not like cars where you can just fill your glycogen tank in 1 minute. the human body can only process 70g of carbs per hour MAX and thats for very effecient athletic systems.
Awesome post, thanks. :-)
Great Post and also very useful
After this i will eat tons of bananas before competition days( as usual...noo more :) )

keep it up
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