Monday, December 15, 2008


beauty never sleeps..

this photo of freelea is from last week. the sun has not risen but the dragonfruit flowers are never sleeps, it is always there for us to feel grattitude from. we just have to be in the present moment and focus on how beauty surrounds us in everyway. be it your body, the ant walking, the cloud drifting, the sun shining, the water is everywhere, it never sleeps.

let us never let our passion for life fall asleep. let us truly believe that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. get back to basics. basic beauty. true beauty. sustainable beauty. real beauty.

freelea is a dragonfruit gobbler! she knows these flowers will turn into fruits that provide the glucose for her body to thrive. freelea knows you gotta eat the foods that glows. eat glow, get glow. eat slop, feel like slop.

you wanna be cute? eat fruit!
you wanna have a sweet life? eat fruit!
you wanna have enough brain food?(glucose) eat fruit!


Freelah is one Happy Girl!

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