Wednesday, December 10, 2008


get outside more...

was doing some work on a mates certified organic farm the other day. it took me 7 hours to pick a box of apricots and move a wheelbarrow 20 metres. oh yeah, i pruned a plum tree too. they say time flies when your having fun. and for me, living my life purpose is 'having fun'. time just goes cos your so in the moment...

ways for me to get 'in the moment'...

nude sunbathing.
focus on breathing
atttitude of grattitude ie focus on what im grateful for in the present my legs, the sky, the birds singing, the fruit dancing on the limb...

right now this moment, im sitting in public mall. i found a power socket and plugged in. the wireless internet is floating for free in the air. i have a group of drunks around me. but cos these drunks are black, people are reacting and trying to ignore them. its funny to watch. what am i doing? well, one chap just asked me for a smoke. i gave him the durianrider smoke free pep talk and told him to stay true to his aboriginal culture and avoid selling out to the white mans poison plan..he smiled and said 'you is alright bruz!'.

fcuk, someones gotta speak up. lets share the message of health, cos its the greatest gift we can give...

who are we to decide if someone is ready to hear the truth? exactly. speak from the heart. its our duty..

Poor aboriginals... its a pity what happend to them... I have an australian friend of mine, met in EU, and he told me about those guys.
Like all native cultures, it was corrupted and destroyed by the western world. Those native cultures lots their indentity and made to forget what they truly are, that the land they are living in belong to them more that to anybody else.

The cultural legacy they carry should not be forgetten.

Speak about health or wealth
be it cruel or true.
we should tell'em if this is what our heart sais

keeep it up, spread the word, upen up eyes lol!
lol i like that. you alrite bruz!

i still find it amazing that all your pep talks are improvised. there so amazing you'd think that they are pre written!

keep doing 'yo thing!
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