Sunday, December 21, 2008


a question about my lifestyle..

this one landed in my inbox just then.

its a common quesiton. i thought id share it here.

i love your lifestyle!!!!
Date: Dec 20, 2008
Message: I am just so amazed at your videos.....I love are wonderful....but I want to learn everything i can about you.
your so right about can i learn about your lifestyle can i learn how to live like this.....? where do you live and how do you support yourself....??I think you live in australia...but i heard that that was not a good country to go to ....and that is is dangerous right now...Like America and Canada and Mexico is dangerous...right now and that is true....but i don't know why they said Australia was dangerous...

I was thinking of Costa Rica.....but at least Australia speaks english....can you help me....i have been searching for a long time to find a place to move to....sandyyou are amazing.....!!!!!!!!!I will watch everyone of your hopes that i can get live a better life......


thanks champ!

where to live? EVERYWHERE IS DANGEROUS if you ask fear based people. and EVERYWHERE IS WONDERFUL is you ask love based people..i travel a lot. i ride my bike hours each day. sometimes i fly. i do consults.i do live in consults. do talks, bike races etc. i do hard labour on organic farms. i sell vintage clothing and books. do housesitting. i wheel and deal and keep it raw and real by being savvy and buying organic fruits and veg as my main priority financially..

we dont need more money, we just need to learn how to live with less money and spend it on the things that are important! fruit and veg being number 1 thing to invest in.

where to live? thats like asking what the best bicycle seat is..its gonna be different for different folk. my advice is just go and taste different fruits. see different places and meet different light. live light. be light. uneccessary possesions are just uneccessary can we live with more than we need, when others live with less than they need?

i know people that own organic mango farms in paradise and they are eating hotdogs and getting drunk each its just a reminder that nothing makes us happy but THE CHOICE TO FEEL HAPPIENESS IN THE PRESENT MOMENT..what we seek is seeking us...go within to start with.simple life fueled by simple sugars found in ripe sweet fruits...

living clean and crisp like organic celery. use our body for transport. lets celebrate human movement and get into organised sports, dance etc. lets know, believe and act on the fact that the no drug can 'replicate being high with health and fitness and a lifestyle based on contribution and life purpose'above all, we must listen to our heart and follow it....lets be open to the truth, even if it overwhelms us and upsets us..

Great simple advice Cornzy
Hey Harley. I've been watching your videos for a long time now, maybe half 3 or 4 months, and I must say I really enjoy them. I just wish I could find the fruit that you do. In New York where my home is there's nothing, in Indiana where I go to school there's nothing, and right now I'm at my grandma's place on the west coast of Florida where there's not really any more. I wanted to plant trees but my dad wont let me. I'm tied down by people and institutions. I'm very independently minded and I admire your lifestyle. I also would love to try a fresh durian.
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