Thursday, January 01, 2009


210 miles on new years day.

rode just on 210 miles yesterday. start the new year with a bang. these new years rides always end up i can never find training partners do go that distance.

it was about 14hours saddletime with sun, rain, wind and bergs to provide the training stimuli. i picked a course that provided RAAM like conditions. and was lucky to have such diverse weather for the ride.

i stopped off at a friends cert organic farm and grabbed some peaches. i carried a lb of organic raisins and that provided the fuel in between fruit stops.

the bamboo bike rides a dream. i dont feel as beat up as i used to on other bikes. but i also know that the hydration and level of glycogen efficiency i now have makes a huge difference.

how do i feel today? i feel great. i feel like i got some solid miles in the legs yesterday and that it will provide some good conditioning for my upcoming state and national 24 solo xc races.

well im about to do a few hours recovery spin and go spend the afternoon eating and pick'n organic peaches for sunday market..

so go long this year...go way long.

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