Friday, January 23, 2009


248km today..

248km over hill and dale, headwinds just followed me and im glad cos it matkes me stronger. i call em 'heartwinds' now..cos i just luv em with all my dear little heart..but seriously, with no wind, baby spiders couldnt travel. seeds couldnt fly, tree roots would get weak with no winds blowing against their trunks. so i love you wind. i love you with all my heart. thanks for being with me in training today.. see you bright and early tommorrow..

today there was a fun ride. over 7000riders. 143km course. i gave em 80min headstart so i could pass thousands of em wearing the organic athlete kit and riding the bamboo. then i rubbed it in more and rode the 3hours home with cars atop with bicycles passing me the whole time.

everyday we have a chance to contribute to a better planet. every moment, of everyday..remember this! cos ITS YOUR POWER!

this photo of me handing out rambutans to orphans in cambodia, we rode our bikes there and carried 40lb sacks of rambutans on our handlebars. the locals were look'n. people are always look'n, so lets give em our best to look at..

very nice, very inspirational.
yes you are right, people always look. Even when they dont seem to look, they do, even when they criticise us,ther are still observing- still absorbing.. and every single thing- to the extent of every single thought- has an effect on something or someone else. Sometimes its clearer- sometimes its more subtle.
I like it your style of giving 80mins ahead!!!! very nice!
you rock! faithfully in the endurance, stef

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