Tuesday, January 20, 2009


eat big, to train big, train big to eat big..

its the cycle of an organic athlete. we eat the best nourishment so we can perform. we perform so we can eat the best nourishment. i win, you win, the animals win, the planet wins. we all win.

today the crew from trek australia called me over as i rode past on the bamboo calfee. they loved it. one trek employee told me about seeing the organic athlete team doing furnace creek with a baton from a banana. he saw this footage at the bicycle movie week in sydney australia. organic athlete is plant'n seeds, worldwide..

this last week of training with oscar pereiro and team has given me some good form. im climbing well and enjoying the long miles. did 7 hours total yesterday. 2 hours with phill liggett. 4 hours with oscar and co and 1 hour solo recovery spin.

here is a photo taken by liz kreutz. liz is lance's travelling photographer and friend. she asked me about my organic athlete kit last wednesday out training with lance. she thought it was very cool that our team stood for something real.

being an organic athlete has given me purpose ive never experienced before as an athlete. it feels great to be part of the solution and to stand for something with integrity.

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