Friday, March 06, 2009


my dad passed a few days ago...

this aint a post for sympathy, rather its a reminder that life is short, precious and fleeting and we are here to make a positive impact rather than dwelling on negativity and being guilty of a wasted life.

i got the news a few days ago that my dad had lost his battle with radiation therapy and the big pharma poison cocktails that he chose to sign up for. my dad new the natural options but was happy with the doctors orders. just as he always accepted my lifestyle, i accepted his. im not bitter, depressed or angry at my dads choices, preferred state of ignorance or how forceful the doctors were in pushing his immune system to literal death.

sure i had a tear for a minute. but then it occured to me that people can pass thru our hands but never our heart. that i can chose to live by the values instilled by my father or i can do what society says i should do. get depressed, get violent, get abusive, get drunk, eat crap, mope in bed all day, wear black, mourn and walk around with heavy shoulders. just like they show us on tv.

i say no. i say im gonna live how i know my dad would want me to this i mean to continue living the health and fitness based lifestyle that he was proud of. what lifestyle is that? its the one that brings me the greatest joy. its not to be confused by 'living for our parents' but rather living in a way that brings joy for all those that love us, be those people be in our hands or our hearts.

my brothers have decided to use dad's passing as an excuse to lower their standards. an excuse to focus on what they have lost. rather than the peace that dad has gained. an excuse to follow societys list of 'this is how we expect you to act if someone dies'.

so we can see that its not our genetics, its not our upbringing, its not our education, its not our looks,its not our religious beliefs, its not our traditions, rather, its merely a choice in the moment to focus on whats good in our life rather than whats bad..

in the cycle of life, there is death and birth. it would be crazy to not accept this. it would be like crying every time the sun went down each night. rather we should focus on the fact that we are still alive and here to do a job. its called living our life purpose.

my dad said once' you gotta keep on riding no matter what the terrain!' so of course im not gonna sit down by the side of the road cos the hill got steep all of a sudden.. :)

i believe that life is to be celebrated. not mourned.
i believe that its against our loveones wishes to be sitting around dwelling on negativity and using our loved ones passing as an excuse to lower our standards to physical and emotionally abusing ourselves with food, drugs, booze etc.

i believe experiencing emotions of pain and despair are merely signs we are not being grateful enough.

im grateful i have the mental capacity to remember all the good times with my dad.
im grateful i can use this life experience to help others achieve the positive focus they deserve in times of apparent adversity.

I feel sorry for your father, really.
It must be hard.
Sometimes even the best people have hard times it seems.

I very much agree with what you said about life and its purpose and our bad western habits...

I really feel the same that we should celebrate our very life cos its a gift. celebrate life even when its over cos its the natural circle of the life. Celebrate the memories of the loved ones so we will never forget them cos they still live in our heart.

I hope that one day when I lose a loved one I will be as strong as you are and remember this things...

your dad would be proud of you I am sure. cos you helped so many people from all over the World.
You are a shining example of joy, love and healthy living.
keep up the good work and show us that no matter what happens life keeps going and if we really loved someone then he never dies, cos until there is somebody to remember, he lives...
I hope I can share the same glasses as you when it's my parents time. You have a great head on ya bro. I don't know if I should say I'm sorry really, since we all get to live the life we want, and I'm sure your father wouldn't have changed a thing. I will say that death is certainly hardest for the one's left behind, so I'll just say that I'm here for ya!!! Ride on, now you've got your father to keep you going!!
What you wrote reminded me of my partner and how he was when his dad died. He got teary for a minute but then he was back to his old funny self afterwards just like his dad. Come to think of it, they’re both bike riders (well in a sense, getting on their bikes rather than taking public transpo). There’s something about a biker’s psyche that’s charming… always with good natured humor.
thank you :-)
This is a really beautiful and balanced post. I wish both you and your father peace.
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