Tuesday, April 21, 2009


riding with lance

i find the bamboo calfee lets me do rides i couldnt do. its always the center piece of conversation and a great medium to get the organic athlete philosophy out to the masses.

im having a ball each time i go riding and answering the same questions daily. i get a sense of contribution each ride.

here is a youtube vid i did that morning riding with lance and team astana.

Nice movie!

I love lance. I always tell my dad and friends that my fruit-eating friend is riding with him nowadays.
"wow" they say... :)
so awesome!

keep spreading the raw vegan message!
Hey Durianrider, did you actually ride "with" Lance and Team Astana, like that lucky dude from Bicycle Express, or were you just hanging on the back of the Team cars? Did they invite you along for the ride?

Do you eat Avacado's or Cherries?
Hi Harley, When will you be back in Chanthaburi??
hahaha. That was not riding with lance that was you acting like his bitch when he was passing your lame skinny ass. I like your long rides, it gives me and Freelea more time to spend together ;)
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