Monday, March 08, 2010


Why you should sit on the couch and eat yourself silly..

Want to recharge and reset yourself?

have a month of not doing anything much physically and just sit on the couch and watch empowering doco's and chow down as many sweet fruit calories as you can fit during the day.Bananas, figs, grapes, mangoes, melons, stone fruit, raisins, blended dates.. Heck, if you can fit 10 000cals then do it! You will do your body good by having a month off ANY real exercise. Just get up and start drinking then start eating! Have a month of 'OFF SEASON' and I GUARANTEE you or anyone will be smashing harder than ever before.

We will get enough movement just going shopping or putting out the compost or doing some stretching. Im talking about no running, jogging, cycling, weights etc for a month.

So that is my perscription. EAT, GORGE, FEAST, SLAM IT DOWN! (slowly) and hydrate and rest/sleep up like a champion and reap the rewards over time.

What would we do for a prisoner of war person? would we get em exercising and calorie restricting? No way! What about a chunky chubster? Would be starve em and tell em 'he double but/thunder thighs, you gotta starve a bit to get the weight off fatso!' NO WAY! Rather we would get em BOTH carbed up, hydrated up, rested up etc so their body has the fuel to repair, heal and nourish.

What would we do for a rat that we found caught in a box in the cupboard that was emaciated? We would feed that little bugger till it was at full force and let it do its thing. What did I do with a fat caged pigeon I found once? I just fed it unlimited amounts of the most natural foods it would eat and it dropped weight in days!

Percy Cerutty was one of the greatest athletic coaches ever. He forced his runners to have breaks up in cabins with stacks of quality plant based food and lots of books and no running shoes. He told them that if he caught them sneaking out and training, he would no longer coach them!

Both people with superskinny or supersize need to chow down more fruit than they feel mentally comfortable with. Why? Cos the superskinny are near death and the supersized are eating foods that will cause their death.

By eating jabba the hut sized fruit meals, we help our body rebuild, repair, nourish, hydrate, strengthen itself. We find it easy to stay away from the death food cos we are meeting our bodies physiology rather than thinking we have to become more disciplined or some other crap like that. We will find it easily to be drug free/crackao free, drama free, 'im a victim' free.

Pound in the fruit and make homer simpson be proud of you peeps!

Thanks Harley!
Was starting to get mad at myself for not exercising lately. Have been feeling too tired due to my son teething and waking during the night. In fact, have napped during the day yesterday and today, and feeling guilty about it.
Now I can just tell myself I'm in 'Off Season' and healing and resting up ready to work harder in the weeks to come.
You rock!
one month? you doing this?
i can do 2 days, ehehhehehe too much damn energy on this fruit diet.
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