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raw vegan blood tests and durian eating competition

G'day durianrider! I'm cross-posting my response to your comment here, just to be sure you see it.

"Can you debunk me with a high fat eating paleo athlete that is a national level runner, cyclist, power lifter, UFC fighter like us vegans clearly have provided.

Didnt think so.. :)"

Keep thinking. Here's one:

I dropped a line to a friend of mine who is seriously into fitness. He got into power-lifting 5 months ago. According to him, he would be second on your list of top-10 vegan/vegetarian power-lifters - and is about as far away from being vegan as you can get.

Am I right in guessing you're from the Land Down Under? Then you'll appreciate this story of 20,000 year-old footprints found in Australia, indicating this person would have been competitive with today's fastest sprinters:

All evidence indicates this ancient human was a hunter of meat.

I have no doubt that you can bench-press more than me, and am sure your impressive musculature more than compensates for any other, ahem, deficiencies. Here's the funny thing about that, though: I can go to the gym and get stronger, but I don't think you're going to get any smarter :)

Since I answered your challenge, perhaps you would care to rise to mine? Debunk me with a vegan who can match wits with this carnivore on the topic of nutrition, metabolism, and health. So far the best your crew seems to be able to muster is T. Colin Campbell. I would dearly, DEARLY love to go brain-on-brain with Dr. Campbell, but will happily settle for any other vegan who feels they are up to the task if Dr. Campbell is lacks the conviction to stand behind what he preaches.


Here's one:

This guy posted a total 2017 lbs. powerlifting - with three broken ribs, in 1977. Compare to the top on veganfitness:

715 kg, or about 1500 lbs. Then check out the "Food FAQ" from the first link.

Are you thinking yet?

Thanks for replying, and bringing us some entertainment from banana-land. I wanted to be sure that people understood that your version of reality is, well, "interesting", and you couldn't have fulfilled my plans any more successfully. It's fairly telling that you can't collect your thoughts in a single comment. Did I count 13? A little scattered, don't you think? Try to be more prepared next time. My high-fat diet makes me so tired, and I have to click the check box on every comment. It's brutal. If only I had some bananas...

I especially enjoyed your insinuation that Denise Minger isn't a real person. You've used your prodigious intellectual powers to deduce that she is, in fact, an alien from the planet Egjolk, brought here by the great and powerful empire of the Weston A. Price Foundation to create Excel spreadsheet analyses to annoy intransigent vegans. No dice, eh? I suppose we'll have to resort to using actual scientific evidence.

Oh wait, already did that.

And how about spamming your original comment across multiple paleo blogs? Is this part of some coordinated strategy to educate people, or just electronic penis waving?

Maybe you didn't get enough bananas before setting a new world record in the 10K. Here's what you said, only yesterday:

"Come and see if ANY of you guys can out bench press/dead lift us"

Did that. Your best guy barely stays in front of my paleo friend who does power-lifting recreationally. As he says, "weak sauce, dude".

I'm very impressed that you trained with Lance Armstrong. Did you get to share his banana? I'm curious about your commitment to the vegan lifestyle, though. How come "Lance" doesn't follow your lead into this "optimal" way of eating? Indeed, you seem to be rapidly back-pedaling from your vegan stance, particularly in terms of athletic performance.

I guess that the Jonas Colting in this interview is also a WAPF zombie? Since you're such good buddies with Jonas, please have him drop by and tell us about his diet.

I see you haven't taken me up on my intellectual challenge. Wise choice. But if you change your mind and want to go one-on-one, come prepared with your metabolic pathways and cellular biology, not to mention a healthy dose of open mind and rationality.

Are you going to approve my registration for 30BaD? Or is your banana not stiff enough to stand up to some open discussion?

In all seriousness, if you want to discuss science, I'm all for it. If you want to prove your manhood to me, you'll have to show up at my doorstep. I'll happily post any further ravings just to reinforce the point that your touch with reality is tenuous, but any further two-way discussion will need to be on scientific topics.
As I said elsewhere, one example doesn't prove anything. Should we all eat like Michael Phelps?

You have yet to address the science of Minger's critique and her further response to Campbell just piles on the problems for him.
ou still haven't approved my registration for I've shown you the courtesy of posting your comments here, even though I disagree with your views (and despite their lack of scientific content; "look at my dick" doesn't count as science). And given the volume of comments you've posted, you clearly have plenty of free time to click the check-box and approve my application.

Censorship has no place in science, and if you block alternative views from your site, you clearly indicate your commitment to dogma, and an unwillingness to participate in the scientific method.
Dave, he can't compete with you and Chris. He doesn't know shit about biochemistry.
Still no bananas. I'm starting to doubt your commitment to open discussion.
Hey durian, got a few more questions for you:

1) How come you need B12 injections. That doesn't sound like 'raw-ism' to me.

2) You mention in this video about pollution from meat eating. When you travel around the world, do you fly?

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